Creative Thinker

Hello, my name is Andrew Del Prete. I'm thirty years old, a husband and father of three wonderful boys. I'm a recent Texan to Alaskan convert. I enjoy life in Alaska, though very extreme in many cases (Bears, Chopping Wood, Shoveling Snow, Oh My!) it just feels right. I love solving problems, especially when it comes to meeting the needs of others. I try to live outside the "box" by thinking ahead, collaborating, and not always going with the first idea that pops in my head.

Experience Matters

Starting off as a designer, I've slowly moved to the dark side and primarily work on Front-end Development with some Back-end lurking behind the scenes. At this point in time, my job description varies from theming Drupal websites and building custom web applications, to maintaining hosting accounts for 200+ clients and customer support. With 10+ years in the Web Development arena, I push myself to learn daily while providing assistance to a multitude of unique clients and projects.

The right tool for the job

I'm a firm believer that one size doesn't always fit all. I try to immerse myself in relevant practices on a regular basis so I can have an effective understanding of what's out there. I spend most of my time working in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. I use libraries like jQuery and Lodash. I also utilize MVC frameworks such as LaravelPHP, AngularJS and CMS' like Drupal and Wordpress.